Running to the Mat

Pulled and strained muscles. Twisted, rolled and sprained ankles. Shin splints, tight hamstrings and arms so sore it’s hard to dress myself in the morning. I’ve listed those to admit upfront that running, working out and even yoga are NOT always enjoyable for me. But I continue anyway.

It seems like it would be nice to hit snooze a few more times and sleep an extra hour each morning. I know from experience that no matter how inviting my pillow and comforter seem, or even the call of my husband’s strong, warm and open arms the better option for me, my mood and even my husband’s and kids’ days are for me to work out.

Yoga helps me warm up my body and mind and gets me focused on that day’s portion of my seemingly never-ending to-do list. It shows me that poses that once seemed impossible for my body are now my favorites. The steady breathing practices have helped me with my running and have come to my rescue when my anxiety flares up.

Running helps me think. Sometimes it takes about a mile for me to think myself into finishing the rest of the run, but eventually my thoughts turn into problem solving or just admiring my surroundings. I often run through the cemetery and Art’s Trail to watch the landscape change with the seasons.

Sometimes I literally fall over during yoga because I’m just going through the motions. Sometimes I take more walk breaks than I should during my runs. But even on the days where my workouts were awful, unfocused and nowhere near what I planned, my mood and energy are always better than if I hadn’t done them at all.


One thought on “Running to the Mat

  1. I love it , Motivation at its highest peak , even on the days you’re in pain and can’t lift a pound , no Matter what your going thru in life , keep running and for my weight lifters , it’s still yo muthafuckin set 💪🏿


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