It’s amazing to be able to interact and develop friendships with people around the world through social media. But it’s shocking and disturbing to see the hate filled comments left on videos, photos or statuses from people who have more in common with the original poster than they may realize. I loved this podcast and the idea of having conversations instead of comment wars that often ending in blocking, unfriending or reporting.

Social media allows us to filter our audience but I think this has set us up for failure in communications with people who think, talk, love, vote and live differently than us. Experience and history is not cancelled out because it makes someone so uncomfortable you delete them from social media.

Uncomfortable topics should be discussed. As mature adults we should be able to have those discussions online and in person. Why can’t we listen to each other? What happened to the ability to agree to disagree?

I remember hearing my kids arguing about something and my youngest daughter, in first grade at the time, saying to her eighth grade sister, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” We all stopped what we were doing and talked about that comment. My husband and I learned about her recent assembly on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids.

Imagine if adults didn’t just read books like Covey’s but made sure we learned from the material. Imagine if we could talk with each other about uncomfortable topics without expecting to win and pull the other person to your side.

You Deserve to Die and Other Fun Conversation Starters


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