Daily Prompt: Entertain

Politics in social settings. Please know, I’m not here to make you comfortable, to be the spokesperson for women, for minorities, for mothers, for veterans or whatever you box you’ve put me in. I’m her to be myself. I became the person I am today by going through my life, my experiences, and not your assumptions about it. I’m not here to entertain.

I remember a coworker asking me how I felt about Rachel Dolezal labeling herself as transracial. Perhaps they expected me to laugh it off. Maybe I was supposed to side with her. Maybe I was supposed to be enraged. I don’t know what they expected, but I can tell by the awkward silence after, that I didn’t deliver it.

My mother is white and my father is Jamaican. Not black. Jamaican. (The difference is a topic for another day. If I, being of “mixed race,” and not the “I identify as” mixed race, can’t wake up one day and declare myself Caucasian one day and whatever I want to the next, how and why can she? Why are we even paying attention to this? What are we even talking about? I was a little frustrated, they were uncomfortable and none of us were entertained.



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