Daily Prompt: Study

I am a full time wife, mother, employee and part time student, volunteer (insert all the other hats….)

Once upon a time, before I had more roles than fingers on my hands to count, I didn’t have to study to learn new material. I did my homework in class, never studied and somehow always received As and Bs. Now, as a non-traditional university student, I have to study. I have to study for everything. I always feel like my brain is overflowing and all of the most important facts are what’s at the top, tumbling out right before exams, presentations and even briefings and meetings at work. Studying is necessary.

My study sessions are not always traditional. Sometimes it’s glancing over a fact sheet before one of the events on my day’s calendar. Sometimes it’s repeating a few phrases or facts prior to a meeting. Sometimes it’s rewriting everything I highlighted in my course’s assigned reading so I don’t draw a blank for my exam or essay.


via Daily Prompt: Study


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