New Outlook on Recovery Runs

I have a love-hate relationship with Nike + Run Club. It seems like they scrap the parts I live and insert glitches in the parts I like. I used to love the challenges where you could invite friends and then race to the finish line. Then they got rid of it and added improvements to their coach/training plan feature. I loved checking off workouts and being able to look at progress. Then the benchmark Run glitched every time and it wouldn’t synch the workouts from the sister app. So I broke up with Nike + and tried Strava for a little.

But I was lured back over to Nike by voice guided runs and CHALLENGES! Not my old favorite version of challenges but I’m still excited about it. These voice guided runs have me impressed. Today’s selection especially! I selected the 30 minute Recovery Run with Headspace and loved every minute!

Recovery runs are usually slow, easy and boring for me. But this one made me think. Rather than focus on just checking the box on a workout, or grudgingly running well below average pace, the narrator suggested we think about what recovery means. Specifically, to use this easier than normal run as the time to get back your focus, peace of mind and strength or energy that the previous hours or days might have stolen from you.

I took that 30 minutes to breathe easy and separate the day’s stressors into what mattered and what didn’t. I realized some of the most stressful thoughts weren’t even my problem to fix. I followed up this recovery run with a few minutes in the sauna and went back to work refreshed.

I guess Nike + and I are back on!


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