Crochet All the Things!

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl. I went on to make some very colorful, and misshapen scarves and blankets for my grandparents, aunt and uncles. I stopped crocheting these “gifts” for years. They were full of a little too much character I suppose.

I didn’t pick up a crochet hook again until I was pregnant with my first child. The repetitive motion of crochet was soothing and calmed my nerves during my high risk pregnancy. I made so many baby blankets during those months.

I put my hooks away again. Until I was in Egypt with the military and needed something else to do in my free time besides reading. I made scarves for my battle buddies in whatever colors they wanted. But after I got back home, life got back to normal and I didn’t have the time to even think about crochet.

Maybe three years ago, I decided I wanted to make myself a scarf. And that one project was a reminder of how soothing this hobby was. I opened an Etsy page since I’ve made far more than anyone in my family could ever wear. Scarves, beanies, cowls, leg warmers, coffee and beer coozies, stuffed animals, headbands…I’m setting up my first table at a craft fair in a few weeks. I also have some of my creations on sale at a local shop.

I also use this hobby to give back to the community with other knitters and crocheters. We’ve recycled plastic grocery bags into sleeping mats for the local homeless shelter. We’ve made, collected and then gave away hats and scarves this winter to anyone that needed them.

My grandmother had no way of knowing if I was going to like or stick with crochet but she taught me anyway. As the only left handed person in my family, I know it wasn’t an easy thing to teach, but she stick with me. This hobby is one of so many lessons that my grandmother gave me, not knowing what it would lead to. When I was recovering from a few health issues, I couldn’t run or do yoga but I could crochet.

Adulthood, parenthood, marriage, working…life is stressful! Sometimes I run to work through issues. Other days I do yoga to to bring my focus back where it belongs. But I also have yarn and hooks in various sizes where I can work my stress out while creating.

(I think it’s important to point out that my gifts and orders have improved since those wavy blankets and scarves of my childhood😂)

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