Craft Fair Blues

I crocheted coffee and beer cozies, baby hats, messy bun beanies, scarves, Easter bunnies, dolls… I then went through a practice layout in my kitchen, arranging the items by season, then by price, then by age of intended audience and then went through the same damn process when I got to the fair because…anxiety.

I had a basket of M&Ms and a coffee mug filled with tootsie roll pops. I had stacks of business cards strategically placed and a clipboard for potential customers to put their info down for custom orders. I’m socially awkward but I was smiling, talking and even joking around with as many people as I could.

In 6 hours, I sold 3 things.

3 things.


I followed all the tips from YouTube videos, podcasts and the advice of other crafters. But I only sold 3 things. The profits didn’t cover the vendor fee. As I packed my stuff up at the end of the fair I felt a little heartbroken. I know I should be happy I sold anything at all. I know it was my first fair and will admit I learned a lot and have a long list of ways to improve for next time. But, it still a hurts a little.

Ok. Moving on!

For anyone that crochets, knits or just sells their crafts in general and preparing for a Spring craft fair, don’t forget to at least consider the tips below.

1. Items in all price ranges. I did make bunnies, perfect for an Easter basket or any child that likes stuffed animals, but there was a vendor couple tables down selling adorable animals made from yarn Pom-poms and pipe cleaners in the price range of child with spending money. Needless to say…not a single bunny was sold by yours truly.

2. Cleaning stuff. I make dish/wash cloths and scrubbies but until I customer came looking for a swiffer cover, I didn’t consider making these things to sell. There are lots of free patterns out there and a lot of things can be made free hand.

3. Hobby specific creations. I made myself a crochet hook holder/organizer. I made myself a yarn holder for cotton yarn and premium yarn that came in hanks and is easier to work from the outside instead of the middle or in a ball. I used a plastic hanger and some rubber erasers to keep 3 skeins/rolls of yarn on. I’ll be selling these next time.

4. Don’t forget to make change and pack your Square. Luckily the vendor next to me gave me change. I’m going to assume that it doesn’t always work out so smoothly.

5. Pack the night before! I left my smaller items at home on accident. These were my bookmarks, headbands and bracelets. They would have been perfect for those kids with spending money or the grown woman that was disappointed I didn’t have the bunny hats in adult sizes.

I’m going to get over this. Let me lick my wounds for a little and prepare a broader stash for fall/winter.

If you have any tips to add to this list, feel free to share in the comments.


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